NLP coaching for sales and marketing


You can refine your communication and increase your sales performance using NLP

Pitching for sales

You might not be interested in this

If you want to stick to a rigid sales script, treat every customer identically and repeat the same pitch over and over, NLP will not interest you.


The clever stuff

When you talk to a customer they understand you through a set of filters. These filters work subconsciously. In NLP we call it deleting, distorting and generalising. Your mind and mine use these shortcuts to save time and effort.


This means your sales pitch can fail if your customer's subconscious deletes or distorts your key points or if it generalises in the wrong way. Then you can repeat yourself over and again and still see them misunderstand you, or feel they haven't heard you at all. And this happens with written communication too.


REMEMBER most of what you say is dealt with by your customer's subconscious, whether you like it or not. So understanding this stuff is pretty essential.


Getting it right

Fortunately you can find out how these filters work and learn to communicate more effectively with the your customer's subconscious.

This means:

you can improve rapport;

be understood more easily and

increase your chances of closing each sale.


What next

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