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............Confident throughout

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Training and coaching with NLP


Public speaking and presentation skills

How NLP can help

Many people contact me about public speaking. Some want to overcome nervousness to speak more confidently. Others want to make an impact on their audience and get their points across clearly and persuasively.


The building blocks for public speaking

I use what I have learnt from NLP to help you:

- feel more calm and confident when you are preparing and thinking about public speaking;

- maintain a comfortable state throughout your presentations;

- enjoy public speaking;

- engage your audience, gain rapport and maintain their interest;

- get your points across clearly;

- be more convincing and persuasive;

- get a response from your audience;

- structure your presentation - starting well and ending well


Getting the help you need

Send me some questions by e-mail, give me a ring or meet me for a free initial consultation. Read more about this topic by visiting my blog NLP and Public Speaking or send me a messsage using my CONTACT FORM

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All these qualifications were awarded by

The Society of NLP and approved by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)