NLP can help you hire the right people with no regrets later on

Using NLP to Improve Staff Recruitment

NLP skills for business recruitment

Have you ever:

- Appointed somebody because they ticked all the boxes and yet you felt something wasn’t right?

- Rejected somebody because they didn’t say the right things, yet there was something you could see that made you feel they could still be right for the job?

Even if your recruitment procedures seem fair and thorough you risk ignoring vital information about job candidates unless you incorporate methods for recognising non-verbal and unconscious communication.

Recognising all forms of communication

The right kind of protocols can help you incorporate every form of communication into the selection process.

- Write effective recruitment materials
- Attract the right applicants
- Find out more about candidates from their written answers
- Develop practical and simple procedures
- Put canditates and interviewers at their ease
- Increase your sensory acuity and notice more
- Train your recruitment teams to increase their success rates

Getting the job done

In these difficult economic times your workplace will stay ahead of your competitors as you attract, select and retain quality staff.


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