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NLP Coaching - Time Management

Make time

Time can fly by or really drag. How does that happen? Given that time itself doesn't actually speed up or slow down it must be your mind that distorts your perception of time. So, by understading exactly how your mind does this you can learn to distort time at will. Imagine if you could slow down time when you needed more of it to get things done.


Stop wasting time

If you start worrying when you are busy, you are probably losing time to distracting thoughts, negative internal dialogue or by imagining things going wrong. Doing that kind of stuff takes up a lot of time. And it's exhausting, meaning less energy and slower productivity.


Fortunately, with a bit of coaching, you can train yourself to stop distracting thoughts, silence internal dialogue and change the way you imagine things, so the old patterns of worry and anxiety are replaced with easy natural focus and an ability to do things calmly and efficiently. What would you like to get done if you used your mind more efficiently and at full capacity and created more time? And what would you like to achieve if you created more energy and vitality for yourself.


Organise time

It is actually much easier to do things in an organised way than not, and it feels better. Organised people not only get more done but also seem happier too. They make it look effortless because it requires less effort than rushing around being disorganised. At first, as you retrain your mind, you will want to apply the new skills consciously and deliberately and then, with practice, the skills become automatic, part of your natural way of doing things.


What now

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