Being assertive is about being in the right kind of state and communicating clearly and persuasively

Coaching for People - NLP for Assertiveness

Getting in the right state emotionally and mentally

Assertiveness starts from how you feel, what you say to yourself and what you imagine about others. I call these things your "internal states" and I like to coach people, like you, to take control of these internal states so you can feel

more comfortable with all kinds of people.


Developing skills and overcoming fear

Sometimes a lack of assertiveness stems from fear of what others think or how they might respond. But you can learn some core skills to express yourself more effectively and to aleviate those old fears and enjoy greater confidence. Creating rapport is one of those core skills.


When Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed NLP, they were very interested in how people create rapport with one another. Their studies led to helpful insights and practical methods of achieving good natural rapport. And when I coach my clients I share these techniques with you.


NLP has also modelled strategies used by people skilled at influencing others. You can learn these strategies too, during just a few sessions of NLP coaching, and you can immediately try them out in day to day situations.


Getting results

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Andy Lucas- Lucas Bright Coaching Andy Lucas, Brighton

- Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist

- Master NLP Practitioner

- NLP Trainer


All these qualifications were awarded by

The Society of NLP and approved by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)