NLP can help you communicate exquisitely in every aspect of your life - with partners, family, friends and at work

Coaching for People - Communication

How I can help

You may be looking to overcome some difficulties in communication or perhaps you are already communicating well and feel there is still room for improvement.


Saying what you mean, meaning what you say

How many times have you seen somebody whose words have said one thing yet you feel they mean something else? Or has it been the other way around - somebody just hasn't understood what you said, even though your words were well considered, rehearsed and very clear?


Unconscious communication

You already communicate directly with the unconscious mind of other people. Most communication naturally happens that way. So learning how exactly that works means you can get understood more consistently, by more people and more often.


Getting results

In just a few hours you can learn to tune up your communication, to say what you mean in every aspect of your communication and improve your use of language too, so your message is loud, clear and congruent. CONTACT ME

Andy Lucas- Lucas Bright Coaching Andy Lucas, NLP in East London

- Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist

- Master NLP Practitioner

- NLP Trainer


All these qualifications were awarded by

The Society of NLP and approved by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)