NLP can help you create a state of calm confidence and self belief in all kinds of situations

NLP Coaching - Building Confidence

The habit of confidence

I wonder if you would like to create feelings of confidence in more situations in your life or whether there are certain contexts where you can see yourself benefitting from stronger self belief.


Confidence, or lack of it, is a habit. The recurring thoughts and feelings we have about our self worth, competence or value to others are triggered and sustained without much conscious thought.


Creating the kind of thoughts and feelings associated with confidence is actually something we learn. If we create good feelings and useful thoughts often enough in a situation it soon becomes automatic - unconscious.


NLP for confidence

NLP can help you build and maintain confidence. This isn't fluffy pretending to feel good with a few nice words. This is real, practical and experiential. It's about creating templates for your mind. You can teach your unconscious mind new patterns, reprogramme it to routinely give you confident feelings and thoughts contributing to stronger beliefs of self-worth based on your real and evolving experience.


Getting results

This could be more than just benefitting from positive reality checks when you need them. This could be an opportunity to totally take control of your own states. You can be the expert technician in your own internal laboratory of imagination, internal dialogue, feelings and body chemistry. Learning NLP doesn't just teach formulas, it teaches you how to create your own formulas. If you think this might help you click on this link to get in touch: CONTACT ME

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