Preventing and defusing conflict

Managing your emotions

Helping others stay calm

NLP for Conflict Resolution

The "Conflict State"

If you recall a time when you have been in a conflict, or witnessed one, especially the peak moments of that conflict, emotions were probably running high. At least one person in that conflict was probably in a different state to normal – maybe tense, anxious, angry, irritable.


The emotional state was undermining the ability to resolve the issues and impairing reasoning and rapport.


How can coaching help

In a session of coaching we can develop methods for preventing and resolving conflict by developing specific skills:


Recognising and defusing the "conflict trance"

Maintaining control over your emotional states

Developing your own "resolution state"

Helping others stay in a calm state

Building and maintaining rapport

Recognising and utilising other people's communication patterns

Developing more communication strategies

Learning new mediation skills


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