NLP can help you plan your future, make successful job applications and perform well at interviews.

NLP Coaching - Getting a new job

Planning your future

Before you move towards any kind of new future job you will want to develop a clear idea of that future, the desired one. Your unconscious mind, operating outside of regular consciousness, is always working to some kind of plan, like a template or blueprint. So you find yourself having habits and routines that move you towards the future in that plan. When you change the plan you will want to change the habits and routines too - in order to get there. It requires a kind of self-hypnosis, reprogramming the unconsious mind.


Coaching for the future

I am always excited about coaching for the future. It always gives me pleasure to see people achieve their goals and to hear them tell me the positive changes they have made for themselves. Because I remember the first time they come to see me and I notice the differences as they feel in more control of their life, as they learn to set the direction and as they describe the way they have moved towards it with greater ease and certainty.


NLP & practical language patterns

When you next write a CV or job application you can learn to use language to much greater effect. You can have more impact, be more persuasive and more convincing. And when you enjoy writing that way, you are naturally motivated to write more often. Writing to get that new job can then become a pleasure as well as rewarding.


Getting into the right kind of state for interviews

NLP is a technology with great tools for interview success. There is more about this on my INTERVIEW SKILLS page.


Getting results

You can use NLP and coaching to get the results you want for yourself. You probably know how you would like to feel when you get a new job. And with the help of NLP you can plan the future you want for yourself, write successful applications, get in the right state and be persuasive and convincing in every interview.


When you are ready to get these kind of results and move towards a new future for yourself, get in touch. Send me some questions by e-mail, give me a ring or meet me for a free initial consultation to see how things might pan out when you get a feel for learning these skills. CONTACT ME

Society of NLP

You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified Advanced Therapeutic NLP Specialist and NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP




Coaching for Business

Coaching for People

This is what one of my clients said about her session with me for help with job interviews:


“I went to Andy for help with interview technique as I had not had a big interview for over 6 years and was feeling quite anxious. Andy explained that he would be using EFT and NLP and took me through an amazing 3 hour session that left me feeling relaxed, confident and grounded. He also gave me some great practical advice about interview communication and how to handle awkward situations for which I am eternally grateful! Thank you Andy!”


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