NLP can help you create a state of calm confidence for interviews and to communicate persuasively

NLP Coaching - Interview skills

Getting into the right kind of state for interviews

Have you noticed how sometimes you are in this kind of state and then sometimes you are in another entirely different kind of state, feeling great and positive one moment, uncertain or confused at another moment and then clear and focused. People often ask me why these fluctuations occur. Sometimes they even think it always has to be that way. Yet, I have learnt we can actually have a lot of control over these kind of changes, we can actually chose and switch states at will and programme ourselves to be in certain states at certain times, places or situations, or while doing certain things.


Being persuasive in interviews

As well as learning how to feel totally relaxed and confident in every interview you can use NLP to be persuasive, inspiring and captivating.


You use the good state you are in and then build on it with persuasive verbal and non-verbal communication. You learn how to get in rapport with the interviewers, so they are already on your side.


Then you continue to use every form of expression to convince the interviewers. You use the right kind of non-verbal communication, you put the interviewers into a good state, you maintain their interest and you use words and phrases with skill, because you will know which words will have the desired effect.


The truth is we all communicate unconsciously as well as consciously. What we say with our words, phrases, voice tone, body language, facial expression, even with our breathing usually occurs outside of our consciousness and is received outside of the listener's consciousness. You can use this knowledge to be persuasive and convincing, to maximise your chances of getting that job offer.


Getting results

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Society of NLP

You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified Advanced Therapeutic NLP Specialist and NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP




Coaching for Business

Coaching for People

This is what one of my clients said about her session with me for help with job interviews:


“I went to Andy for help with interview technique as I had not had a big interview for over 6 years and was feeling quite anxious. Andy explained that he would be using EFT and NLP and took me through an amazing 3 hour session that left me feeling relaxed, confident and grounded. He also gave me some great practical advice about interview communication and how to handle awkward situations for which I am eternally grateful! Thank you Andy!”


(Jane - Web Designer (Brighton))