Coaching for Public Speaking

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Coaching for Public Speaking

How I can help you

Many people who come to see me ask for help with public speaking. Some want to overcome nervousness or be more confident when they speak publicly. Others want to make more of an impact on their audience, get their point across more clearly or be more persuasive.


It seems that many modern jobs and educational establishments, as well as traditional ones, require some public speaking within the organisation or to people outside. So it is becoming more important for us all to have these skills.


Speaking at meetings or to an audience can seem daunting or even create fear and nervousness, before the event or during it. So I offer a range of coaching approaches to help you overcome fear or inhibition and build lasting confidence for any kind of public speaking.


Everything I use to coach my clients I have used myself, so I have a first-hand experience of the results as well as seeing how it helps other people.


What difference can you make

When you decide to develop your public speaking skills and commit to a programme of coaching you will get excellent results by learning the following:

- Feeling calm and confident in advance of public speaking engagements and immediately before starting your presentations

- Maintaining a comfortable state throughout the presentation, so you totally enjoy the experience

- Engaging your audience, gaining rapport and maintaining interest

- Getting your points across clearly

- Being convincing and persuasive

- Getting a response from your audience

- Structuring your presentation - starting well and ending well


Getting results

In just a few hours you can learn to put yourself in a confident state and communicate with grace and style. And then by maintaining congruence and using persuasive language patterns and impactful non-verbal communication you can enjoy remarkable results.


What to do now

Before making any commitment to coaching or training you are welcome to contact me, discuss your needs and discover more about how you might benefit from practical effective NLP and mind coaching. Read more about this topic by visiting my blog NLP and Public Speaking or send me a messsage using my CONTACT FORM

Society of NLP

You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP




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This is what one of my clients said after her coaching sessions for public speaking:


"Just a message to say... I did the presentation! I was excited just as I'd hoped to be before I went into the room, and maintained the calm and in control feeling we'd been working on. Just before it was my turn to speak I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest, but then I did a couple of our anchors and the rest was a breeze! I managed to do the whole thing using the command tones, and left gaps to make it sound natural. Another added bonus was watching it back in front of my whole class a couple of days later, so I could really study what I had and hadn't done... and fortunately it looked as though I'd never even had a public speaking problem, it went that well!"


(Sarah - student (Brighton))