NLP can help you relate more easily with strangers, friends, partners and family.

Using NLP to make better relationships

How I can help

I offer you short effective NLP coaching, tailored to your specific needs, giving you practical ways to make better realtionships and to enhance your existing relationships.


NLP has something to offer everybody regarding relationships as important for you. Whether you are encountering difficulties with relationships or already enjoying great ones, you will find something useful to learn from Neuro Linguistic Programming. You will learn to make yourself feel good more easily and more often when you are with other people and you will discover how you can use those skills to make others feel good too.


I wonder what changes you imagine making in your life if you could develop the kind of relationships that you have always dreamed of having. And you might like to consider how it would be if you could make even the smallest encouters with people a little more special, more pleasurable for you and for them.


Relating with people at every level of consciousness

Okay maybe this sounds a bit new age, the idea of relating on every level of consciousness. You might be wondering what the hell I'm talking about right now. Actually, it's very simple and logical. Most of the time, when we relate to people around us we do it automatically. We simply adopt the old habits of speaking, gesturing, using our voice in a familiar way, using the usual words and phrases. This is one of the things I mean about unconsious communication. The truth is you will relate to more people more easily and more often if you develop greater flexibility in how you express yourself. So you adapt to match others naturally and effortlessly.


The truth is we all communicate unconsciously as well as consciously. What we say with our words, phrases, voice tone, body language, facial expression, even with our breathing usually occurs outside of our consciousness and is received outside of the listener's consciousness.


How we receive information when we relate to others

And this is another fundamentally important aspect to unconscious communication - the unconscious listening, reading, receiving and processing of communication. Whenever you speak to another person, verbally or non-verbally, they will always filter what you say to match their own expectations, their own model of the world, their own beliefs, their own structure of thinking.


NLP offers you insights and understanding about the way this filtering process works, giving you greater skill in grasping the thinking structures of others, translating your communication to more easily match their filtering processes, to be better understood within their model of the world.


Now, if that is "New Age" bring it on. I happen to think it's common sense, but maybe that's my particular model of the world. Some people might see it as radical and revalutionary. Others might feel it is fascinating or intriguing.


Saying what you mean, meaning what you say

How many times have you seen somebody say one thing and yet you feel certain they mean something else? Have you considered you might be doing the same sometimes too? And have you wondered how somebody just doesn't seem to hear what you say even though you feel your words were well considered, rehearsed and very clear?


And have you ever enjoyed one of those connections with somebody where you just seem to click straight away? Everything you hear them say seems to resonate, you see yourself becoming at ease with them immediately and feeling comfortable and relaxed.


Achieving those kind of connections can happen more often and more easily with some basic use of NLP skills and techniques. And the good thing about learning this stuff is how it enhances what you already do well, it enables you to be the best version of yourself.


Being in the right state

How often have you noticed how the state you are effects how you relate to others? When you learn how to have more control over your emotional and mental states you will naturally experience positive changes in your relationships with others. It is always easier to relate to people when you are feeling calm and relaxed or when you see yourself being happy and posiitvely motivated.


Getting results

In just a few hours you can learn to use your brain for a change in how you relate to others, to make comfortable connections in all areas of your life and to sustain improvements in all of your relationships.


Before making any commitment to coaching or training you are welcome to contact me, discuss your needs and discover more about how you might benefit from practical effective NLP and mind coaching.

Society of NLP

You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP




How NLP can help your relationships

You can enjoy improvements in any and all of the following areas of your life when you use NLP to develop your relationship with others:


Meeting new people

Making new friends

Meeting potential partners

Giving better interviews

Resolving disputes with others

Building teams at work


Sales performance

Dealing with sales people

Managing family relationships

Getting close to people more easily

Helping others feel at ease with you



What next

If you are interested in what you have read here, would like to explore how coaching and NLP might help you, or if you feel you would like more information you might like to do the following:


1) E-mail me -, ask me some questions, explain your requirements or request a free initial consultation.


2) Telephone me on +44 (0) 7771 823651 to get some immediate answers, have a more detailed chat about my work, get an overview to see if you like the sound of what I do or just get a feel for NLP.


3) Arrange a free initial consultation by e-mail or phone. Meet me face to face for some concrete ideas about the way forward, ask me for some suggestions or to see how NLP and coaching might fit with the big picture for you.


4) You can also contact me on Skype, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Just look for the icons on this website.