Learning NLP can give you additional skills to socialise with greater ease, confidence and impact.

Coaching for People - Social Skills

How I can help

I offer short effective coaching, tailored to your specific needs, giving you practical ways to improve your social skills with immediate effect.


Maybe you are looking to overcome some difficulties in how you socialise or perhaps you have heard about NLP and feel curious about how it might help you to socialise with more skill and confidence, connecting with new people.


Speaking to people at every level of consciousness

Okay maybe this sounds a bit strange, the idea of speaking at every level of consciousness. Actually, it's very simple and logical. Most of the time, we socialise in automatic ways. People who have difficulties socialising have been doing the same things in social situations for years, or have avoided those situations completely. Meanwhile people who are excellent at socialising have also learnt habits. It is just that their habits work better for them and make them feel good.


We all have habits of speaking, gesturing, using our voice in a familiar way, using our favourite words and phrases. Whether we are good at it or not we do it mostly unconsciously. Even if you feel self-conscious, you do self-consciousness automatically. I mean it's not like you would ever consciously choose to feel self-conscious, would you? It's a habit.


The truth is you will socialise more easily and more often if you develop greater flexibility in how you feel, the state you are in and the way you express yourself. And as you learn you will find it becomes a new habit, a good habit, working easily and naturally without having to think about it, feeling good and enjoying yourself.


Getting results

In just a few hours you can learn to tune up your social skills, to make comfortable connections in all areas of your life and to sustain improvements in all of your existing relationships. Before making any commitment to coaching or training why not contact me to discuss your needs and find out more about how you can benefit. ENQUIRY FORM



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You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP