I offer NLP and coaching to help you start your own business

NLP Coaching - Starting your own business

Why start your own business

There are a variety of reasons to start your own business. Here are a few examples. I wonder which ones are true for you:

  • Fed-up working for other people
  • Keen to have greater freedom and independence
  • Want to make money for yourself rather than for others
  • Have a great business idea
  • Want to use your creativity to make a living
  • Trained in a profession and ready to do it part-time or full-time
  • Produce something you believe you can sell
  • Have inherited a family business
  • Want to do something to help others
  • Like the idea of flexible working hours
  • Are building a team of people to work on a business idea
  • Believe it will make you richer
  • Expect greater job satisfaction


Getting started, getting your head organised with NLP

Having run my own business for 14 years I am very aware of the importance of thinking constructively and effectively. Getting your head organised is one of the key factors in starting and maintaining a successful business. You don't need to know NLP to know this is true.


In fact there is no time for any pointless or destructive thoughts. Whereas you can really make a difference to your success by thinking creatively. I'm not talking about some kind of new age positive thinking or denying some of the very practical challenges and realities of business. I'm talking about something much more practical and effective. I'm talking about solution orientated thinking, using more of your brain.


Problem solving

When you first start your business you will be aware of some problems to solve. At this stage you have a choice, even if you haven't realised yet. You have a choice to go round and round in circles worrying about difficulties and feeling defeated by them - and probably exhausted too. Or you can develop flexibility in your thinking and a habit of overcoming problems by creating solutions.


This is an important point. Recognising problems is useful so long as you complete the process by creating solutions. And if you practise using productive methods of thinking you will automatically generate solutions to all of the challenges facing your business.


Achieving your goals

Many business people have achieved success because they are extremely driven by their goals and ambitions. I have met many who inspire me with their ability to be visionary, to have a strong idea about the big picture.


It seems to me their success is due, in no small part, to combining knowledge of the big picture with attention to the steps required to get there. When businesses get bigger they often employ practical problem solvers so the boss can get on with what s/he does best, the visionary stuff. But when you start out you will benefit from skills in both. And you can develop these skills by practising basic easy to learn NLP.


Getting motivated, staying motivated

Starting your own business, overcoming challenges, keeping it going and achieving your goals needs consistent and sustained motivation.


Motivation isn't a "thing" that happens to you in some random manner, though it may have seemed that way. Actually, motivation is a process, it's something you do. Or to be precise, you motivate yourself.


I would like to introduce you to some coaching and NLP so you can discover quick effective ways of motivating yourself. Because one of the great achievements of NLP is the methodology developed by its creators (Richard Bandler and John Grinder) to control your emotional and mental states. You can learn to motivate yourself whenever you wish. You can even programme your own unconscious mind to automatically motivate yourself at useful times, in particular situations or doing certain tasks.


Creating the right sort of beliefs for your success

When you start your own business it is a good idea for you to examine your beliefs about what you are doing. Because beliefs are the foundation to our thoughts, decisions and responses.


It is important to remember beliefs are just what they are, just notions or ideas about things. They aren't necessarily true. They don't even need to be true. But they really do need to work for you. If a belief is holding you back you can choose to change it.


The reason I mention this right now is because many beliefs can be quite subtle and unconscious. They have been hanging around since childhood and you have probably just taken them for granted, just got used to them being there. NLP has taught us how to uncover those beliefs and how to adapt them so they become more helpful to us. Of course you don't have to believe this, but it would be much more helpful if you did, wouldn't it?


Getting the job done

There is a lot more I can say about using your mind to succeed in your business. However, right now you can think about what you have already read here and you can consider whether you would like to optimise your performance - thoughts, emotions, behaviour - to overcome challenges and to achieve your goals.


You can contemplate for a few moments on how your business will benefit from a fit mind, powerful beliefs and strong motivation. You can also reflect on how it would be to organise your mind, to energise yourself and to think creatively more often and more easily.


If you are excited about what coaching and NLP can do to help you. And if you would like to meet me to discuss this in more detail please contact me for a free initial consultation.

Society of NLP

You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified Advanced Therapeutic NLP Specialist and NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP




How NLP and coaching helps your new business

Identify your goals

Develop useful beliefs about yourself

Learn to motivate yourself easily and consistently

Use your mind more creatively

Overcome doubts and worries

Solve problems more effectively

Generate new ideas

Organise yourself

Communicate better at work

Be more persuasive

Get things done

Maintain success



What next

If you are interested in what you have read hear, would like to explore how coaching and NLP might help you, or if you feel you would like more information you might like to do the following:


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