You can use NLP and practical coaching to overcome stress and develop greater calmness and contentment

Using NLP to overcome stress

Moderate stress

Most people experience some level of stress as part of everyday life, not only in busy cities like Brighton and London, but in the towns and villages throughout East and West Sussex, and beyond.


Moderate stress is healthy. It gives you drive and determination. It actually helps you experience life to the full, reaching your potential, fulfilling your dreams. It is a natural biological response of the mind and body to give you some "get up and go", a bit of "umph".


Problem stress

Stress is only a problem when it becomes over generalised, when it begins to occur frequently in response to regular normal circumstances or during very ordinary activities. Then it's like trying to complete a long distance run by sprinting all the way - exhausting.


If you allow yourself to notice the symptoms of stress, they will tell you when changes are needed in your lifestyle. Then it is time to manage what is going on inside your head so you can enjoy what is going on outside your head. Doing something about it is a great opportunity to make yourself happier and contented again, enjoying greater energy levels and maximising effectiveness in all areas of your life.


Using NLP and managing your mind

You can use NLP to learn to unwind, to regain control of stress, now and in the future, by:

  • Exploring and understanding the causes of your stress
  • Learning how to set-up different mental and emotional patterns
  • Getting back on track
  • Maintaining healthy habits and routines
  • Preventing further excessive stress symtoms
  • Enjoying a natural calmness and sense of wellbeing
  • Experiencing healthy levels of motivation and energy


My clients frequently tell me how quickly and easily they experience deep relaxation and tranquility through NLP and self-hypnosis.


Getting results

In just a few hours you can learn to use the ower of your mind to experience all kinds of situations and activities without stress. And to develop resourceful feelings for yourself instead, the kind of feelings that give you calmness, confidence and pleasure more often.


Before making any commitment to coaching or training you are welcome to contact me, discuss your needs and discover more about how you might benefit from practical effective NLP and mind coaching.

Society of NLP

You have the reassurance of knowing I am a certified NLP Trainer, trained by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced by the Society of NLP




Using NLP to overcome stress and to create more pleasure

Here are just a few of the benefits you can have by overcoming excessive stress symptoms and creating healthier responses in your mind and body


Greater productivity at work

Having more free time

More energy

Improved motivation

Shorter working hours

Job satisfaction

Positive relationships at home and work

Meeting new people

New hobbies and interests

Improved health and fitness

More fun and laughter

More choices and opportunities

Adaptability and flexibility



What next

If you are interested in what you have read here, would like to explore how coaching and NLP might help you, or if you feel you would like more information you might like to do the following:


1) E-mail me -, ask me some questions, explain your requirements or request a free initial consultation.


2) Telephone me on +44 (0) 7771 823651 to get some immediate answers, have a more detailed chat about my work, get an overview to see if you like the sound of what I do or just get a feel for NLP.


3) Arrange a free initial consultation by e-mail or phone. Meet me face to face for some concrete ideas about the way forward, ask me for some suggestions or to see how NLP and coaching might fit with the big picture for you.


4) You can also contact me on Skype, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Just look for the icons on this website.