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NLP coaching - work life balance

Why coaching

Getting the balance right between work and the rest of your life can be tricky. Sometimes you might want help identifying your priorities and organising yourself to achieve them.


There are many ways to do this - talking it through with a friend, reading a self help book or taking a holiday away from home to think things through. Maybe one of those will work for you.


Alternatively you could opt for some coaching and use some practical methods to get the right balance for yourself and to keep it that way.


What happens in the coaching sessions

My job as a coach is to give you some space and structure in each session to work through the things which will help you acheive the balance you seek.


Here are some examples of what we might cover during the sessions:

- Deciding your priorities

- Understanding your day to day choices

- Developing flexible behaviour

- Exploring different options

- Building on your successes

- Switching on and switching off

- Honouring your values

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Andy Lucas- Lucas Bright Coaching Andy Lucas, NLP in East & Central London

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